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The art of the sword manifests itself in many ways: the efficiency of a well-wrought weapon, the quality of materials, the techniques involved in forging and the beauty of the completed sword.

Sword Arts offers a forum for discussion, learning, sharing and enjoying the art of the sword in all its myriad forms.

Master Swordsmith Daniel Watson, pictured, demonstrates the process of charcoal forging for a group of at Scarborough Faire in Texas.

"Many people consider the sword only as a weapon, a simple tool of sharp steel.  But some people can see more - the sword as art."
-- Daniel Watson, Master Swordsmith


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Sword Arts is sponsored by Angel Sword, maker of fine swords, daggers and other edged weapons since 1979.  Angel Sword operates one of America's premier forges - one of the few that still crafts swords, knives and daggers using the traditional methods of hammer, anvil, fire and sweat.  Each Angel Sword piece is a fully functional combat weapon that also stands alone as a work of art.
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