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A Dream Come True
          by Elias Felan

...I recall my first visit to Angel Sword, my mother wanted to walk on past to find food or something more to her liking, but she noticed my star struck eyes and heard the short gasp of breath that I released, and my general unwillingness to move from the spot I was standing...


The Dead Puppy
          from Daniel Watson

...When the blade was brought out, she took one look at it and said, "But baby, it's so sharp!  Why would you ever want something that sharp?"...


          from Daniel Watson

...I propose that art is also a form of nutrition. Art has been present throughout the existence of man, from early pre-history, art has been there...

Sword Arts is sponsored by Angel Sword, maker of fine swords, daggers and other edged weapons since 1979.  Angel Sword operates one of America's premier forges - one of the few that still crafts swords, knives and daggers using the traditional methods of hammer, anvil, fire and sweat.  Each Angel Sword piece is a fully functional combat weapon that also stands alone as a work of art.
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